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“I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” - Tennessee Williams
Heartfelt Impressions could not exist without the support and encouragement of my customers and some of the nicest friends I've never met, especially Pam, Susan, and Joan and Derek Briggs who have cheered me on from the very beginning.
Joan is a "word artist" whose delightful books about life with bichons Abigail, Henry & Chas are another source of inspiration to me. (See "Abigail Gets Her Ducks in Row")

A very special thanks for moral support goes to Mary Melcher, a gifted artist with 15+ years experience in the greeting card and gift industry and as an illustrator of popular children's books such as Peekaboo Bunny.
Mary's work has been described by author Eva Szela as "charming" and "wonderful". These same words apply to Mary's personality. Mary's work is available in retail outlets worldwide.

Christine Miller, a.k.a. "Swirly", is another artist who has offered much practical advice about the greeting card business. This special person is living her motto "Plant your dreams and the miracles will grow" and encourages others to do the same. Visit Swirly's website where you'll find greeting cards and other products to inspire you ( and free e-greetings!)

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