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for 2007
See “Savor the Season” from start to finish

My watercolors are painted in individual layers that must dry completely before the next layer is applied. The first glaze of color on the bichon's nose was a warm yellow, followed by a layer of red and successive layers of a mix of red and green.

The first layer of the eyes was a bright green, followed by red and yellow, then a mix of red and green.

A 5x7 painting takes between 40-60 hours to complete from concept through the drawing, transfer to watercolor paper and painting.

Reference Photo

Pencil drawing

Transfer of drawing to watercolor paper

thumbnail color tests

initial watercolor washes

washes to add form and color

check black and white values,
modify color values as needed

final transparent watercolor wash before
adding snowflakes

add snowflakes with opaque watercolor, 3 more washes to add form to snowflakes
(bichon pin does not appear on this original--it was created from 2 other watercolors that were reduced in size and inserted into the scanned image using a photo editing program)

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