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add to shopping cart screen sample

shopping cart screen sample


Add to Shopping Cart
(see sample of add to shopping cart screen at left)

  • When you find a card or gift item you may want to buy, click on the underlined words “Add to Shopping Cart” or click on the little heart just before the underlined words.
  • This will take you to CCNow, our online retailer, for a view of your shopping cart.

View your Shopping Cart
(see sample of CCNow's shopping cart screen at left)

  • Your shopping cart screen will show all the items in your shopping cart, including Description, Price and Qty (quantity,which you can change at any time)
  • You are required to click on a Shipping To destination from a pull-down menu
  • Scroll down and you will see the following shopping cart choices:
    • Add More Items
    • Refresh Totals
    • Pay & Finish
  • From this screen, you will also see a pull-down menu with details of CCNow's customer privacy policy, which includes their statement of regard for customer information as private and confidential, to be used solely for the purpose of fulfilling an order.
  • Just like the shopping cart in your local grocery store, your Heartfelt Impressions shopping cart holds everything until you reach the checkout counter. You can add or remove items from your shopping cart at any time. You will never be charged for any items in your shopping cart until you complete the "Pay and Finish" step.
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